Chairman’s Award Winner Named Commercial Sales Director

Chairman’s Award Winner Named Commercial Sales Director APi Water, Inc. (FL), a specialty manufacturer of stable oxidizer treatment products, announces Jody O’Grady, B.S. Chem, CPO™, has accepted the Director of Commercial Sales position with the company. Ms. O’Grady stated she started in the pool & spa industry in the last century. Her multiple decades of experience include large account & product management, sales representative management, technical solutions, and customer experience, skills she learned from numerous jobs held with water testing supplies manufacturer, Taylor. Tasked with managing and growing the EZPRO Lineup of Commercial Water Care Products: RevivePRO®, EZPoolPRO®, ENZymePRO, and PepperPRO®, the new Director will be working closely with their manufacturer sales representatives group, The Grit Game, to promote these NSF/ANSI Standard 50 listed products to recreational water facilities and institutions throughout the country. “Jody’s impeccable resume and engaging personality made her the best choice for this position,” says Brandon Overall, COO of APi. Jim Overwyk, the organization’s President added, “After a few conversations with Jody, I was wowed with her presenting skills and impressed with her technical prowess.” In her greater than 10 years of volunteer leadership, Jody is now Chair of the Recreational Water & Air Quality Committee for the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) and was recently elected Vice-Chair of their Technical Advisory Council. In 2022, she received the Chairman’s Award. Ms. O’Grady resides in Maryland and will start with the company in May.

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Rick's Remedies: Stop Problem Solving- Start Problem Preventing

Buckle Up! 

This is a longer article than the others, BUT...we have PICTURES!  

Problem solving costs a lot more than problem preventing.  Anyone who tells you otherwise isn't a true friend. 

Let's look at a pool that has metals, causing stains & discoloration, as our example of a "simple problem".


Now that we have the stats on the problem, let's troubleshoot! Follow the four steps outlined below to do so.  

  1. Drop the chlorine level- $15* chlorine reducer
    1. This stops the oxidization of the copper that is producing the color & staining
  2. Apply stain remover (typically acid based, often ascorbic acid)- $30* stain remover 
    1. This can pull the metals from the affected pool surfaces and temporarily clear the discoloration present in the water
  3. Apply a stain & scale/metal remover product- $30* stain & scale/metal remover product
    1. Most of these products do not remove the metals, they simply hold them in the water to prevent staining and discoloration
    2. Most are not compatible with high levels of chlorine
    3. Some are phosphate based 
  4. Gradually, bring the free chlorine level back up to properly sanitize the pool- $25* chlorine shock

Okay, so four steps doesn't seem so bad, right?! 

We promised you pictures and we are BIG on keeping promises, so check out what happens to your pool after completing Step 3 from the above list...